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Rwanda is located a few degrees south of the equator. A landlocked country that’s rich in culture, history, Mountain Gorillas, some of the best wildlife experiences on the planet, and the land of a thousand hills.

Rwanda is remarkable because of all the above and its incredible rise and recovery from the Genocide in the early 1990s to a country with strong law & order, low corruption, progressive policies, and a leader in the region.
The following are the brief description of the most and unique experiences in Rwanda.

Kigali City Tour
This is one of the must-do things when you land on the Land of thousand hills and thousand smiles if you have a half-day or full-day to spare in Kigali before transferring to your next destination. This city tour will give you the highlights of the city from scratch after the Genocide memorial to present. This will include Kigali Genocide Memorial.

This is an extremely moving, challenging, educational, and ultimately inspiring memorial and a great place to understand the cause, tragedy, and successful rebuilding post-genocide.
The reconciliation and rebuilding have been miraculous and these memorials are built to inform, educate and prevent such a tragedy to ever occur again.

The tour is very transparent and educational but very somber and humbling when you realize that over 250,000 deceased are buried on the site of the memorial. Guaranteed you will feel every emotion during this visit.
The most common question that goes through your mind is “would I be capable of that level of forgiveness if I found myself in this situation”. That’s a true inspiration.