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The 2500 square kilometers of mostly Savannah area that makeup Akagera National Park in eastern Rwanda. The Kagera River, which runs along Tanzania’s eastern border with Rwanda, is the source of the park’s name. Lake Ihema and several smaller lakes in and near the park are fed by the river.

The park preserves an acacia and bush-covered African Savannah habitat with swaths of open grassland and a dozen swamp lakes. It creates a sizable protected wetland and boasts outstanding levels of biodiversity. The majority of the huge animals can only be seen at Akagera National Park, which is Rwanda’s sole Savannah national park.

The Akagera National Park is situated in northeastern Rwanda near the Tanzanian border. 
The Akagera River, which runs along the park’s eastern border and empties into network of smaller lakes, the greatest of which is Lake Ihema, is the source of the park’s name. 
Akagera is one of the most picturesque reserves in all of Africa thanks to its lake shores surrounded by woodland, papyrus swamps, savannah plains, and rolling highlands. 
It is central Africa’s largest protected wetland and boasts extraordinary levels of biodiversity.


Akagera National Park, one of Rwanda's Big-5 Game Parks, offers a variety of landscapes from the rest of the nation.

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Wildlife Tour

There are also lovely huge savanna grasslands, lovely slopes, candelabra bliss trees, lakes filled with crocodiles, and a large population of hippos. In addition to the large Eland Antelopes, Bohor Reedbucks, Oribi, Common Duiker, and Klipspringer, Akagera National Park is also home to Maasai Giraffes, Burchell Zebras, Rhinos, Elephants, Buffaloes, and numerous species of antelopes, including the semi-aquatic Sitatunga Antelopes and the semi-aquatic Defassa Waterbuck.



More than 480 species of birds may be seen in this national park, which attracts them due to its diverse wildlife. Both savannah birds and raptors are regularly seen, and several native species, such the red-faced barbet, are also extremely prevalent. A variety of waterbirds, including as the marabou stork, the African fish eagle, the open-billed stork, herons, cormorants, and egrets, can be viewed up close by taking short boat excursions on Akagera’s lakes.
Game Drives in Akagera National Parks

Nature hikes and game drives

When you go on game drive, guide who is familiar with the flora and animals of Akagera National Park is with you. 
On game drives, unless the park guide deems it safe to get out and look about, passengers should remain inside the vehicle.


Take snack or lunch from the lodge for longer game drives, and in our case, we’ll have plenty of water for you to drink.


At Akagera National Park in Rwanda, guided nature walks are also available, including birding walks.

Lake Ihema boating safaris

In East Africa, boating safaris are typically the highlight of a park visit, and this is also true of the boating safari on Lake Ihema in Akagera National Park.

The very enormous crocodiles that you will see around the lake’s banks are also impressive sights. Lake Ihema is home to one of East Africa’s highest concentrations of hippos.

While on a boat safari on Lake Ihema, you will also likely see a Shoebill Stork among the myriad other water birds that you will see.