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Why Should You Choose Silverback Luxury Tours?

Silverback Luxury Tours is a unique travel and tour company that specializes in delivering tours and local excursions in Rwanda, Uganda, and the East African area of Tanzania.

Various Tour Options

We have something to suit every budget and vacation style.

Experienced Guides

You'll be escorted by an English-speaking local professional guide.

Our Fleet

We offer the greatest cars in Africa designed specifically for safaris.

Affordable tours

We offer moderately priced safaris and tours

About Silverback Luxury Tours

With its amazing services, Silverback Luxury Tours is dedicated to going above and beyond your expectations in order to give you the greatest and most modern travel options to Africa, particularly to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda.

With 18 years of experience in the tourism, hospitality, and hotels and lodges industries, the director of Silverback Luxury Tours is regarded as an expert in his area.

Benair is in a unique position to create an alluring safari or tour that suits your interests and travel preferences because to his considerable expertise, travel, and trip-planning in the East African Region and elsewhere.

With 18 years of expertise in the travel, hospitality, and hotels and lodges industries, the director of Silverback Luxury Tours is regarded as an authority in his profession.

Benair is in a unique position to be able to build you an alluring safari/tour that fits your passion and travel preferences because of the substantial work, travel, and trip-planning he has done in the East African Region and beyond.

Having had hands-on experience in tours and travel to most regions of Africa for those interested in cultures, we are true Africans who can offer you this life-changing experience in this region and we are excited to share this with you and to share our most memorable experiences with you.

By recommending easy, doable, and not too strenuous routes, Silverback Luxury Tours helps you plan your itinerary. We offer the most reasonable and inexpensive rates for all groups, individuals, couples, friends, and families. Our trained professionals ensure that you get a genuine African experience.

We are able to achieve our goals because of our staff. A team of professionally qualified and experienced employees can give the company a competitive edge and enable it to succeed in the market.

Our dedication, determination, and diligence have enabled us to provide quality in comparison to other organizations. In addition, our team is honest and professional.

Diversity is a key advantage of our company. This means that clients can find all of their needs under one roof. This includes hotel and lodge reservations as well as short, medium, and long journeys based on varied travel tastes. The prices are divided into five categories: low, medium, high, and ultra-high.

To the best of our ability, various getaways are available from us. Due to the abundance of natural treasures in the East African region, your trip will be terrific bargain, we can assure you of that.