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The best amount of time in East Africa is seven days, which will allow any inquisitive tourist to see some of the most stunning and popular locations. You travel to Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park to undertake gorilla trekking. Visit the Maasai Mara national reserve in Kenya to see the big five, then relax on a trip to Mombasa’s stunning white sand beaches to cap off this incredible journey.

Day 1: Travel to Volcanoes national park.

After a satisfying breakfast at the Kigali hotel where you slept, our driver and guide will take you up. He will give you a travel briefing before setting off for Volcanoes National Park.

The journey from Kigali to the park takes two to three hours. While traveling, you may take in the stunning landscape and the well-paved roads that wind through Rwanda’s hills and valleys.

The trip offers breathtaking vistas of Rwanda’s a thousand hills. The afternoon arrival is for a cultural retreat and lunch in the Iby’iwachu cultural village. The finest place to learn practically anything about Kinyarwanda is this one-stop shop.

Nothing you observe from the Twa, Hutu, or Tutsi will escape your notice. It is really late in the evening when we arrive back at the lodge for dinner and the night.

Day 2: Gorilla trekking and back to Kigali.

After a filling breakfast in the midst of the forest and the soothing sounds of birds in the nearby trees, walk to the park station for a quick introduction with the local ranger. He walks you through the procedures for going on a gorilla excursion.

A short climb on the lower slopes of the volcanoes is required for gorilla trekking at Volcanoes National Park in order to locate the primates in the forest. To spend the magnificent hour in the company of these huge apes, trekkers navigate the slick pathways while clinging to tree branches for support and dodging prickly trees.

Depending on the trekkers’ pace and the gorillas’ activity, trekking the gorillas in Volcanoes might take anywhere from one to six hours.

Slope down to the park station and leave the park after spending an hour observing the gorillas and taking photographs before beginning the trip back to Kigali.

Day 3: Fly to Nairobi and then proceed to the Maasai Mara reserve.

Breakfast first thing in the morning, then head to the airport to catch a flight to Nairobi, Kenya. When you arrive in Kenya, our driver guide will be there to meet you and take you to the Maasai Mara reserve.


The six-hour trip fills your eyes with breathtaking views of Kenya’s landscape and a number of lovely features. For check-in, leisure, supper, and overnight, arrive in the evening.

Day 4: A full-day game drive across the Maasai Mara reserve.

Take a game drive in the park for the entire day today. Once you’ve had breakfast, head out for a safari drive across the park after waking up.


The Maasai Mara National Reserve is renowned for its vast golden savanna grasslands, which are home to a variety of animal species, including Africa’s big five: lions, rhinoceroses, buffaloes, elephants, and leopards.

Other creatures to look out for are zebras, giraffes, warthogs, wildebeests, waterbucks, gazelles, antelopes, and many more.

For a fantastic wildebeest migration experience, you’ll also be driving in the direction of that migratory track.

There will be a picnic lunch outside, close to lions and other wild wildlife. We won’t be back to the lodge until well after dark.

Day 5: Journey to Mombasa.

Straight after breakfast, return to Nairobi and connect to Mombasa either by train or airline. Mombasa is a well-known African city with stunning white sand beaches that were well-known in Miami.

Since it takes a whole day to go from Maasai Mara to Mombasa, you’ll arrive in the late evening to check in at the lodge, have supper, and go to bed.

Day 6: Leisurely day at the beach.


Enjoy a whole day of leisure at the beach, taking part in water sports, beach activities, sunbathing, and many other energizing pursuits.


Alternatively, depending on your pace of travel, decide to have a stroll through Mombasa town first before unwinding at the beach in the late afternoon or evening.

Day 7: Departure.


After breakfast, drive to Mombasa Airport for your trip back home.

Drive across town at your leisure as the guide shows you around some of the most notable sites and landmarks.

That will be the conclusion of the seven days journey in East Africa.

End of your trip. Silverback Luxury Tours wishes you a safe journey to your next destination

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