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Rwanda is one of the world’s captivating and sort after destinations. From near
destruction in the tragic 1994 genocide to a never-before-seen reconciliation, recovery and period of
peace and stability, Rwanda is now considered a leader in the region and an innovative developing
country which bans plastic bottles, is the 7th safest place to walk alone at night in the world
Rwanda is a home to the most special animal encounters on the planet you will have a rare chance to trek and spend time with several primates including Mountain Gorillas as well as not missing the big 5 on a safari drive.
During this tour, you will visit popular 3 National Parks including spending a night overlooking
Africa’s sixth largest lake, Lake Kivu and participate in multiple activities on the lake and Rwanda’s remarkable cultural, historical, and coffee experiences that Rwanda is world renowned for.

Kigali Rwanda

On arrival at Kigali International Airport, you will be helped by our meet and greet representative who will help you to go through the immigrations and later after you will be helped by our representative to your driver guide who will pick you up and transfer you to your hotel for check-in and overnight.
Dinner and overnight stay at the Hotel of your choice. (BB)


Have your breakfast at leisure while waiting for your COVID-19 results. Once the results are out negative, you’re clear to resume your tour. Your driver-guide will pick you up from the hotel reception to transfer you for Nyamirambo Walking tour, Kigali Genocide Memorial, and Kigali site seeing at the hills of Rebero.

Nyamirambo Walking Tour

Nyamirambo Women’s Center (NWC) is a success story of rebuilding and one of the oldest working class suburbs of Kigali and where many migrants first come to try and find work. Post genocide it was a hard life for the women in this area and many had to resort to desperate measures to get by. Then the COOP was started, giving the women the opportunity to make and sell clothes and crafts and year on year it has grown and grown and now they run several tours.
This popular tour begins at the Nyamirambo Women’s Center with a quick Kinyarwanda language lesson, and an introduction to the Center and its activities. It then weaves through Nyamirambo, one of Kigali’s oldest neighborhoods. Along the way guides lead participants into a women’s hairdressing salon where the adventurous type can get a free braid into a family compound to pound cassava leaves by two mosques and a lookout view over Kigali and into a tailor shop to feel the fabrics you’ll otherwise see styled on the streets.
After this tour we will proceed with Kigali Genocide memorial.

Kigali Genocide Memorial & Museum

Located just outside of Kigali City Centre in the Gasabo district, Kigali Genocide Memorial & Museum was created by a joint partnership of the Kigali City Council and the UK-based Aegis Trust. The center is extremely moving, challenging, educational, and ultimately inspiring as well as a great place to understand the cause, tragedy, and successful rebuilding post-genocide.
The memorial hosts a tour which is transparent and educational but very somber and humbling when guests realize that over 250,000 deceased are buried on the site of the memorial.
After this Emotional and moving activity, we will return to our accommodation for a hot lunch, take a brief relax and in the evening by 4 pm, we will drive to the hills of Rebero for Kigali city tour site seeing.

Rebero Kigali Site Seeing.

Rebero, with the view overlooking the central part of Kigali city and the Kigali Convention Centre in the horizon and goes on to Kigali Heights-one of the modern shopping and entertainment centers, the car-free zone for, Nyamirambo area-one of the oldest suburbs of Kigali, Kigali Genocide Memorial and finally, Ubumwe Grande Hotel rooftop, this is recommended in the evening where you have great views of the City for memorable pictures. With Silverback Luxury Tours, You Explore Better.

Dinner and overnight stay at the Lodge of your choice. (FB)

Gorilla Trekking


Today after your breakfast, we will embark on your vehicle for a scenic 2.5 hours transfer to the Northern part of Rwanda, which is the gateway to the great mountain gorillas. Upon arriving by 11:30 am, on this day, you will decide on the below optional inclusive activities to perform in the afternoon. You will be welcomed by the experienced team who will assist with check-in, and lunch before we proceed to the selected activities between Musanze Market, IbyI’wacu Cultural Centre and Authentic Village walk experience.

Musanze Market Visit.

Situated in the Musanze town 30 minutes’ drive to Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, The Market is one of the busiest markets in the town. Vendors at the market can be seen selling a variety of items from regions of Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Visitors to the market will be able to buy fruit, vegetables, clothing, African Fabrics and general household necessities.

Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village with dancing show.

This is a Rwandan village that has existed for centuries living with and next to mountain gorillas in Parc National des Volcans. Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village gives you a rare chance to meet local people, in their environment, with a taste of our culture and traditions. The community you visit will genuinely welcome you as a special guest while they proudly present to you aspects of their traditions and beliefs with amazing Rwanda traditional dance, where you will also be free to participate in dancing.
This will truly be an experience of a lifetime as you become part of their family participating in their local activities. After the activity, you will return to your accommodation and relax with the lodge facilities.

Authentic Village Walk.

Visitors can enjoy an authentic guided community walk from their lodge to visit different homes and experience the everyday lives of the local people. Take part in daily life activities to get to know the local people, their culture, and their ways of living. Visitors can also enjoy different types of traditional dances like Intore dance and famous songs of the local people and/or listening to the melody produced by traditional musical instruments including African drums. Guests can also indulge in delicious Rwandan meals.
After this afternoon’s activities we will return to the lodge to freshen and relax with the accommodation facilities.

Dinner and overnight stay at the Lodge of your choice. (FB)


We will experience a trek to be up close and personal with the rare mountain gorillas. There are only around 1063 of these magnificent creatures left in the world with 1/3 in the Volcanoes National Park.
After an early breakfast at 6 am, you will be met at the reception by your driver guide at 6:30 am and transferred to the park headquarters for check-in. Here you will be educated about the trek, gorilla behavior and divided into groups of suitable fitness.
The trek can take between 2-6 hours depending on the movements of the animals. This is considered one of the great natural animals encounters on the planet. The rangers/trackers will lead you deep into the forest, which will take you up and down the rugged terrain until you finally meet these harmonious creatures. After the trek, we will return to your accommodation for a freshen up, lunch, and a brief moment of swapping stories of the tracking experience. In the afternoon we will proceed with another activity. The amazing Local Banana brewery.(Booked 10 days in advance)

Banana Brewery Experience.

In the afternoon you have a community-based activity which will amaize you how locals can make their own local bear without a machine.
We will enjoy the afternoon with a brief village walk while we take you on a visit of the local villages where you will have time to interact with the locals and experience their daily traditional chores. The favorite part of the entire tour is a social aspect of banana beer production.
Banana beer is the most widespread, popular and strongest local beer in Rwanda. Produced mainly at homes as a family business, banana beer is one of the oldest and major alcoholic beverages traditionally processed in Rwanda. Together with the locals you will demonstrate the entire beer making process.

Banana beer is made from ripe but not over-ripe bananas. After peeling, the bananas are kneaded until soft. The juice is then filtered to get clear banana juice, which is then diluted with water. Sorghum is ground and lightly roasted and then added to the juice. This mixture is left to ferment for 24 hours and then filtered. After filtering, the beer is ready for consumption.
After this once in a life time local activity, we will return to your accommodation and the whole evening is yours to relax with the accommodation facilities.

Dinner and overnight stay at the Lodge of your choice. (FB)

Banana Brewery Experience.
Golden Monkey
Lake Kivu Shores


Today we will have our early breakfast, after the driver guide will transfer you to the park headquarters for briefing and start of activity.
Volcanoes National Park offers Golden monkeys trekking. This unique experience allows guests in groups of up to eight to look for and discover golden monkeys within their natural habitat. The monkeys are incredibly active and enjoy showing off to tourists and researchers that they encounter daily. The monkeys can be found closer to the base of the volcano and enjoy eating the bamboo vegetation in the area.
After the trek, we will return to your accommodation for a freshen up, lunch, and check out for your accommodation for a 1.5 hour transfer to Lake Kivu via a visit to Dian Fossey/Karisoke Research Centre visit.

Dian Fossey/Karisoke Research Center for a visit.

This center provides an interactive look into gorilla conservation.
The Karisoke Research Center, founded by the late Dr. Dian Fossey almost 50 years ago, has been housed in a variety of facilities over the years and is currently located in the Rwandan town of Musanze, outside Volcanoes National Park where the gorillas live.
This past summer, the Fossey Fund staff have created an exciting exhibit space at the Karisoke building. It is now open to the public and provides a variety of information, photographs, videos, historic objects and interactive activities about gorilla conservation and their work.
The Karisoke exhibit has been designed to complement the experience of gorilla-trekking that draws many visitors to Rwanda, and is also meant to help enhance the Fossey Fund’s expanding conservation education programs for local students and the surrounding community. What’s in the exhibit?
* Gorillas: Overview, behavior, life history of mountain gorillas, Dian Fossey and the history of Karisoke, Conservation and challenges, Biodiversity: Other animals and plants in the forest, Working with local communities, The Virunga mountains, Grauer’s gorillas in eastern Congo.
All of the exhibit’s sections include panels and posters filled with information and photos, and many also include iPads with videos. The gorilla section teaches you about their diet, behavior and social structure complete with skeletal models and audio recordings of gorilla vocalizations.
The Dian Fossey section: Includes original artifacts from her cabin and a variety of historic photos, while actual snares can be seen in the conservation section. The biodiversity section includes skulls of buffalo, bushbuck and duiker, as well as an elephant jaw.
The most “high-tech” section of the exhibit is the “Virtual Virungas,”which was built in collaboration with the Center for GIS and Imagine Lab, in the College of Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology. It is a 3D model of the volcanic Virunga mountains, using satellite imagery projected onto a bed of sand, while a variety
of controls are used to apply historic mountain gorilla ranging data and topographic maps showing how the gorilla habitat and ranging have changed over time.
We will depart Musanze at around 2:30 pm arriving at our accommodation on the shores of Lake Kivu for check-in at 4:00 pm, and proceed for singing fishermen experience at 5 pm.
After checking in, we will proceed to the nearby Lake Shores about 5 minutes’ walk to catch up with 5 pm fishermen experience.
Every evening, one of Rwanda’s dreamiest activities takes place on the shores of Lake Kivu. As the sun sets, lakeside towns are a busy with the songs and whistles of fishermen rowing their way to the center of the lake.
Shared by both Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lake Kivu stretches 89 kilometers long, 48 kilometers wide, and 240 meters deep. Small towns and big cities line the shores, framed by the region’s famous rolling hills and towering volcanoes. On this lake excursion you will get a chance to reach Congo/Rwanda boarders on the Lake Kivu. Return to your accommodation for overnight.

Dinner and overnight stay at the Lodge of your choice. (FB)


Lake Kivu Boat Excursion with a visit to Napoleon and Peace Islands.

Discover the majestic Lake Kivu, the peacefulness and tranquility of this amazing place will make you relax beyond your expectation
After breakfast we will depart at 8 am as we transfer down the scenic Lake Kivu sailing on boat for 2.5 hours to its southern tip via good great views of the islands including Napoleon and Peace Islands with birdlife as sail on lake to Kibuye.

Napoleon Island in Kibuye Lake Kivu.

Boat trips run regularly from the shores of the lakes nearby hotels and lodges to tour the numerous volcanic islands, one of the most interesting being Napoleon Island, named because it is the shape of Napoleon’s hat.
The island is home to a large colony of bats which a short climb brings you face-to-face with. There are also giant African millipedes, eagles and a wide variety of water birds occasionally. The Islands in Kibuye are rich in wildlife.

Peace Island on Lake Kivu.

Akarwa k’amahoro- Peace Island is one of the hidden inside treasures of Lake Kivu, allowing you to hike through the fishermen’s community and enjoy the spectacular basin of the lake.
As you approach the beautiful Peace Island, your eye roams beyond the beaches, and you are struck by the thick green forests that still cover a large part of this Island.
The choice is always yours-you may camp on the island, where during the day you can play beach games or simply lie down and take in the beauty of it all.
If you are a photographic enthusiast, you will not believe the shots you will capture; the sunsets on the beach are extraordinary. The islands here are teeming with all sorts of birds, making them quite the bird watcher’s dream destination.
We will enjoy our picnic lunch on this hidden treasure to tell when you return home. After these beautiful visit on the lake, we will proceed to the Lake shores reaching at around 3:00 pm where you will find your driver guides waiting for you at the shores of Lake Kivu with your luggage, embark on your vehicles and drive to the great views of the lake where you will have your picnic lunch before you proceed to Nyungwe for your check in to your accommodation and relax.

Dinner and overnight stay at the Lodge of your choice. (FB)

Lake Kivu tour
Chimpanzee trekking
Nyungwe canopy walk

This morning we wake up and check and embark on our jeep at 6:30 am with breakfast taken en route. We are trekking the super interesting wild animal encounter with the Chimpanzees of Nyungwe.
At the park offices, you will be briefed about the chimpanzees and the other primates in this forest, and after entering into the forest searching for the shy chimpanzees and you may have a chance to see other primates on your way.
There are around 500 chimpanzees in this region of Rwanda making it an extremely important region for the conservation of this rapidly declining relative.  Depending on the tracker’s information you may get one of the larger troops of around 60 or a more intimate troop of 20-30.  Either way, chimpanzees are usually much more active than the Mountain Gorillas and are truly amazing to watch and try to keep up with.  Sharing 98.7% of human DNA you will be astounded by their intelligence, confidence, and traits.
After the trek, we will return to your accommodation for a freshen-up, lunch, and relax with the accommodation facilities until 2:00 pm when we shall proceed to our afternoon Canopy Walkway.

Canopy Walkway 

The canopy walkway is suspended above a ravine amidst the lush vegetation and mountain forest of Ngungwe National Park and offers participants an exhilarating perspective atop the ancient treetops and wildlife. The 160 meters long suspended bridge is accessible as part of a guided hike along the Igishigishigi Trail.
After the Canopy walkway, we will return to our accommodation for

Dinner and overnight stay at the Lodge of your choice. (FB)


After breakfast at our Hotel, we will check out at 7:30 am and drive to our last primate trek (Colobus Monkeys) in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Colobus Monkeys Trek

The Colobus monkey is easily recognized by its entirely black body with stark white whiskers, shoulders and tip of the tail. A troop of nearly 400 of these monkeys call Nyungwe National Park home, meaning that although
sighting wild animals is never guaranteed, visitors have a good chance of finding them an hour or less into the trek. Social in nature, visitors will almost certainly experience playful interaction with the curious primates.
Doing this trek will give visitors the opportunity to interact with the largest group of primates on the entire continent of Africa.
After the trek we will depart for a picnic lunch in Nyungwe Forest before departing on 5.5 hour transfer back to Kigali with en route Ethnographic museum Kings Palace Museums Visit.

Ethnographic Museum.

Located in Huye, south of Kigali, Ethnographic Museum is one of the six museums that make up the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda. This Museum was built in 1987, and now houses one of Africa’s finest ethnographic collections. Its seven galleries display historical, ethnographic, artistic and archaeological artefacts accompanied by visual aids, giving visitors a rich insight into the culture of Rwandans.

King’s Palace Museum Rwanda.

This offers a detailed look into the Rwandan traditional seat of their monarchy. It is an impressive re-enactment display, restored to its 19th century state and made entirely with traditional materials. Many facts and skills and cultural uniqueness are learnt at this very interesting site.
After this amazing activity, we will embark on our vehicle and proceed with a 2.5 hours’ drive to Kigali.
On arriving you will check in to your accommodation for freshen up and relax with lodge facilities.
We will arrive at your accommodation in Kigali at around 6 pm, check in for dinner and overnight.

Dinner and overnight stay at the Lodge of your choice. (FB)

Colobus Monkey
Akagera game drive


Have your early breakfast, later at 7am your driver-guide will pick you up from the hotel reception and transfer you to Akagera National Park. We will arrive at Akagera National Park reception by 9:30am, register for the park entrance fees, and proceed with your morning game drive.

Today we may spot several animals during our game drives. This circuit is particularly known for its Giraffes, Zebras, Baboons, Waterbuck, Elephants, Buffalos, and many other animals

After the morning game driving, we will drive to your accommodation for check in, freshen up and lunch.

In the afternoon by 3 pm you will proceed with a game drive as we head to lake Ihema to catch up with our evening 5:00 pm boat safari.

Lake Ihema Boat Safari.

This is an opportunity to get up close from a whole new perspective and see hippos, crocodiles, and many of the 423 bird species of Akagera, all whilst watching the sunset over this magical first day in Akagera National Park. After the boat safari, we will embark on our vehicle and drive back to our accommodation for overnight.

Dinner and overnight stay at the Lodge of your choice. (FB)


Today after breakfast, we will check out of the accommodation by 7 am and we embark on our 2.5 hours’ drive straight to Kigali and transfer you to Kigali international Airport to catch up with your afternoon flight back home.


  • Meet and Greet Immigration Service 
  • 10 days expert English-speaking driver/guide
  • 10-day exclusive use of 4x4WD Safari Vehicle 
  • Unlimited drinking water in your vehicle
  • 3 nights in Kigali. FB
  • 2 nights in Volcanoes NP. FB
  • 1 night at Kivu. FB
  • 2 nights in Nyungwe NP. FB
  • 1 night in Akagera NP. FB
  • Meals: 9 Breakfasts, 9 Lunches and 9 Dinners
  • 1 x Kigali Genocide Memorial and Museum. pp
  • 1 x Nyamirambo Walking tour
  • 1 x Rebero Kigali Site Seeing
  • Musanze Market. Pp
  • 1 x IbyI’wacu Cultural Centre or Authentic Village Walk. pp
  • Banana Brewery Experience
  • 1 x Golden Monkey trek permit. pp
  • Speed Boat Sailing on Lake Kivu with a visit to Napoleon and Peace Islands
  • 1 x Mountain Gorilla trek permit. pp
  • 1 x Rwanda’s Musical Fishermen Experience on Lake Kivu
  • 1 x Colobus Monkeys Trek permit. pp
  • Chimpanzee Trek permit. pp
  • Canopy Walkway. pp
  • Kings Palace Museum or Ethnographic Museum. pp
  • 1 x Diana Fossy/Karisoke Research Centre
  • 1 x Akagera National Park park entrance fee. pp
  • 1 x Akagera Lake Ihema Boat Safari. pp



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    • Tips and Gratuities
    • Travel Insurance
    • Laundry
  • All drinks
  • Visa Cost In Rwanda
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